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I just finished measuring the new course for a local 10K. The course is replacing an older one. Will replacing the course make the old course inactive? They are two different courses not a a modification for street repair etc. The old course may never be used again but it is only 2 years old and still well marked.
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A course is replaced when the measurer of a new course indicates, in the application for certification, that it replaces an old course, usually a course having the same name. The certification of the replaced course remains in effect even though the course no longer appears on the active list. A course loses its certified status when:
1) Ten years elapses from the time of measurement. The date of expiration appears on all new certificates.
2) The course fails a validation measurement.
3) The physical nature of the course changes (i.e. road construction on the course which affects the length).
We had a bridge/viaduct come under construction last year, which caused us to abandon a course for a year. Now that the bridge construction has been completed, (apparently without change to elevation, as there was also an off-ramp that tied into this viaduct) the race director and some of the race organization are questioning whether the course needs recertification.

I've told them that if they can find the start and finish points on the certificate map and the course route remains unchanged there is no need to measure again for certification...unless they are really hot for the idea. However - I did tell them if they wanted their 5K race to also be certified it might behoove them to have both courses remeasured.

Am I talking out my sleeve?

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