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Bob suggested this item a couple of years back and I'm wondering where the Council currently stands on this. Is this something that could possibly be discussed at the meeting next week?
Originally posted by Bob Thurston:
In October Guido Brothers proposed that we allow calibration courses to live on without re-measurement as long as the nails are still present.
It's a good idea and I'm wondering if this was or could be discussed?
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The purpose of the second measurement is to confirm that everything was done correctly in the first measurement.

The purpose of the first measurement of an expired course would be to confirm that nothing has changed about the course since it was previously certified. So if the new measurement comes out very close to the previously certified course distance, a second measurement would seem unnecessary. If the first measurement comes out different than the previously certified distance, I think a second measurement should be required.
I saw this was discussed in 2012 and the following was decided.

Lifetime of calibration courses: It had been suggested that calibration courses be exempted from our standard 10-year expiration policy, and should last as long as the nails remain in place. Discussion of this issue covered lots of things that can go wrong in trying to use a previously certified calibration course: Can we ever be sure that the nails currently in place are the original ones? What if a 300 meter calibration course is assumed to be 1000 feet, or vice versa? Gene Newman mentioned that in last year’s validation of the Olympic Trials course, the nails for one of the calibration courses looked wrong, and a steel tape check showed that course to be off by half a meter. Toni Youngman asserted that if you’re measuring in another city, you should always measure a calibration course yourself, even if it was certified by someone else. Jane Parks asked how much work it is to spend half an hour re-taping a calibration course once every 10 years. It was decided that calibration courses will continue to expire after 10 years.

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