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Registrar Status Report

On Sunday, September 27, I went to Stu’s home and picked up the scanner, the backup hard drive, and an envelope of courses not yet entered. I installed the equipment on my computer and scanned 164 map files, bringing the maps up to date as of the end of September. Stu had already done the data entry to the course list.

Following Keith Lively’s instructions, I uploaded the map files and the course list file to USATF’s server.

Keith’s last day at USATF was October 1. His course list duties will be done by Andy Martin until the new USATF webmaster begins work at the beginning of November. As of yesterday Andy was getting some instruction from Keith about how to integrate the material I sent into the online search engine.

On October 2 I received a forwarded envelope that had been sent by Paul Hronjak to Stu, containing 43 certificates. The maps have been scanned and the list has been updated. As envelopes come in, the listing will continue and an update sent to USATF at the end of each month. I expect all future envelopes will come directly to me.

That’s where thing stand. All material received is up to date and awaits transfer from one part of USATF’s site to the active part of the search engine. This is USATF’s job. My part is done unless I receive instructions from Andy to do something.

Four file cabinets full of certificates are still in Stu’s basement. All certificates received since the transition are being filed at my home.

Anyone with specific needs is welcome to contact me and I will do my best to help.

Update 5 October 2008

After a bit of back-and-forth between me and Andy, the entire course list, with maps, now appears on the search engine.
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