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Can a record be set on an intermediate distance of a certified course? In an upcoming 15k race, we have a relay division in which 3-person teams run 5k each. Each relay transition area will be constructed as a finish-line for the relay participants. The incoming runners will be timed and their tear-tabs removed at the transition.
Are intermediate points of a certified course considered to be "certified"? Or must each segment be separately mapped and receive a separate certification certificate? The Course Measurement Data Sheet has a note; "you need not adjust intermediate split points unless certification is desired for those points as well". Does that imply that the intermediate points are certified if they are adjusted as needed to be accurate?
In my event, the three 5k segments are all point-to-point. What determines if a point-to-point course is "record eligible"?
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In NC we establish many records at certified intermediate distances within a course and also at distances which are mutiples of a course in which start and finish are at the same point.
An example of a course where both types of records are possible is a 6-km loop I devised, Run for Records (NC02016). This course allows record setting at all standard distances from 5 km to the marathon. In fact a friend of mine Susie Kluttz estabished a national age-group record for F65-69 in the 12 km by running the course twice in succession.
Intermediate distances are certified in the same way as full distances: at least two measurements must be made and these must agree to within 0.08%.
Certified distances are eligible for record setting provided that the drop is less than 1 m/km. (Particularly outstanding performances on courses where the drop is greater tha 1 m/km can sometimes get into the the national records as elevation-assisted records.) Also, the separation between start and finish has to be less than 30% or otherwise wind assistance has to be considered.

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