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I am going to attend a race directors meeting where there will possibly be 30 different race directors at this meeting.
I will only be allowed to hand out something to the race directors telling them why they should have the race course certified.
I was wondering if someone already had something or could give me some good tips that I can put together to hand out to the race directors.
Thanks for any input.
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Out of curiosity what are the characteristics of the races these 30 race directors direct? That would affect the content of what you give out.

For example it was 30 Race for a Cure events that are essentially "Mosey for Money" where the majority of participants don't care about their time you have a different pitch than if it was 30 events where some reasonable percentage know what a PR is and why it matters.
Hi Keith,
I would say there are a lot of different charities the races are trying to raise money for. I think for the most part the race directors do not know the benefits of course certification. I do know a couple of the RD and they know the benefits of course certification and they just do not want to spend the money to get their course certified.
I just want to educate the RD and they can make up their minds after reading about the benefits of having their course certified.

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