I performed one measurement today on a course that expired last year.  I only had to do one measurement because the expired course agreed within .08% to today's measurement.  Thus, no second measurement needed, however the system assumes that you are putting in a second set of counts for a second ride.  The second set of counts are the counts obtained during the first and only ride when I came upon the markers for the expired course.  Please advise as to how to deal with this.  Thank you.

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As you correctly note, per RRTC policy, for the re-certification of an expired course with a new 10-year certificate, only one measurement ride of the complete course is required.

In the new system, this type of measurement scenario is processed partly using the "old" PDF application forms and partly through the online system as an LDE "Limited Data Entry" course (see attached definitions.) 

If you are a Measurer, you would email your application packet (the "old" PDF forms), map, and any supporting documentation (splits, diagram details, etc)  to your Regional Certifier who, in turn, reviews your cal and measurement data and map outside the system (as was done formerly.) 

If the submitting measurer is the Regional Certifier or a Final Signatory, they would opens the LDE form by clicking on the Limited Data Entry button at the top of the review panel on main dashboard

In this form the Certifier/FS uploads the entire application, the one-page map, and supporting documentation (splits, detailed diagrams, etc) - if any. And completes the rest of the form. The form captures only the data necessary to complete the Measurement Certificate and to stamp the map. They would also perform the necessary calculations outside the system, as you did under the former processing method. 

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