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Since we are now posting the cert along with the map for courses, it seems logical to include the race's Website on the cert. That way, if a runner is looking for races of a particular length in an area, and find one they would like to run, they can find out more about the race.

Or, if they have heard about a race, find the map on the USATF site, they can then go to the race's Website for more info (Google searches may or may not return the race).

If we had our database set up so anyone using a certified course could list their race as using that course number, if we included their Website in information they could post, then someone could pull up the City Park 10k course, see all the races that use that course, then go to each Website to find out when the different races are being run.

True, not all races have a Website (some just use their listing), but the majority of races have some site. We may as well give our clients a little more potential for exposure, as it is very little extra effort to ask for, then supply, the Website.

Just thinking this could be useful to both the races and the runners.
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Justin - the calendar listing is still dependent on race directors going to the USATF site and listing the event. I found 4 5k events in Colorado in July, and there are at least 20 5k events that use certified courses.

I realize any listing is only as good as the information entered into it, so any voluntary-submission calendar is incomplete. That is why I am suggesting the race Website be on the cert - so runners can look for races of a particular length in their area, from the entire list of certified courses. A better chance of getting good information.

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