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There are a lot more subjects that we could have under the 'Race Administration' section. We often have tips or tricks to help make events races run smother. So one section in race admin called 'Tips and Tricks' would be good. There is more to Race Admin than just timing and records.

Maybe also a section for 'Race Day Course Management' although not strictly a measurement issue we are all called on to monitor, supervise, or even manage the course on race day.

'Procedures, rules and proposed changes' may be a good heading. Quite often is a procedure or rule question.

Under Measurement should we have a section for measuring courses other than standard RRC road events? Off road, triathlon, bike course, track etc. This a growing part of measurement as more and more of the events mature and want better distance calculation.

Ed Note: At JamesM's suggestions, this new forum has been created and his initial post moved to it.
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As this is a private bulletin board, having no official connection to any governing body, I am reluctant to include a section on proposed rule changes. Most of the present members are connected to USATF, but by no means all, and my enthusiasm is limited to the accurate measurement of road courses.

Different governing bodies have different rules, and to limit discussion to USATF's rules would be undesirably parochial.

I am not slamming the door on this, but need enlightenment in the form of some concrete suggestions on how to handle it.

One way would be to find someone willing to moderate a single forum for each governing body willing to participate, and let them have at it.
Thanks Pete.
Could you move my "Mini-disk cones for runner guidance" thread to this section too?

I notice that there is not a private message function on this board. I moderate a board elsewhere on the web and it has this function. Very usefull when you want to drop some one a note but don't want to clutter up the forums with direct person to person contacts, like this one. I dont know if its a function you can turn on on your board. (Not chat but PM or private messages.)

The mini-cone message has been moved.

Private messaging has been set up. To send one, click on the name of the person who sent the message, at the left of the message. Go to their public profile. Click on "send private message."

A group option is available under the "New" tab at the top of the posting. Groups within our group can be set up. I don't intend to use this feature. It seems a bit of a gimmick to me, as I can already send an email message to someone who posts a message. Their email address is in their public profile.

Also, I don't like the idea that I should have to check my email in two separate places - regular email and BB email.

If this does not work out to my satisfaction I may disable it again. We'll see. In the meantime it does no harm to give it a try.

I can't read private messages except those sent to me. They are private.
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