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I meant to post this last month. I rolled out of town to measure a marathon 8-hours away in Chattanooga in mid-July. I left with 3 totes of gear, my bucket, bike etc. normal stuff for measuring out of town. I rolled up on a cal course I had verified previously and was planning to use it again, this is what awaited me:

Fortunately I had a backup plan to pull a new cal course, because stuff happens. We moved on the the backup plan, pulled the course and proceeded on to measuring.

I doubt many of you go out of town unprepared but this is a good reminder to be prepared for anything.
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A year or so ago I got up early for a "zero dark thirty" measurement. When I drove to my regular home cal course I was surprised to see the road had recently been repaved. My marks were gone!
Fortunately I had an optional course to use not too far away. All was not lost.
These experiences bring tot he forefront the fact that as measurers we are working with Road Courses ans as such being prepared and being flexible are as essential as having a backup steel tape or an extra can of marking paint.
Thanks for sharing your "Oh Crap!" cal course experience.
Thanks for sharing that "Oh Crap" moment, I've had a bunch of those. More than once I've been able to calibrate anyway when this kind of thing happens, IF I've measured the cal course by putting nails and noting intermediate measurements AND IF the backhoe or whatever isn't smack dab in the middle of the course but close to one end or the other. Oh, AND IF I have access to the notes on the measurement-- for this reason I try to put those right on the cert map for the cal course so I can pull it up online.
If it's all been repaved as in Mike's case, gotta pull out that tape and get going.

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