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A measurer sent me a paper application for a marathon, but it will be past Sept. 16 by the time we resolve some of the issues with it. He says he doesn't have the computer capability to fill out the PDFs and email them to me. 

My question is: Will there be any guidelines or rules regarding the submission of paper forms after Sept. 16? I'm guessing this measurer will have to have someone else input the data into the online system.

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Yes, a FAQ guide will be emailed to certifiers and final signatories by the vice chairs for the upcoming weekend (9/14-15) before the system goes live.

One workaround for a situation where the measurer either cannot or does not want to create an account in the system is for the certifier (or a computer-literate friend of the measurer) to create an account in the measurer's name.  A course submitted for certification would have the requisite data input and map/documentation uploaded through that account.  The certifier could do this for the measurer. But because accounts cannot be "shared" by multiple users, the email address linked to that account and username will receive all of the system's email traffic (e.g., the system-generated email informing the measurer-of-record that the certification has been approved and entered into the database.)   As part of a solution a "shared" email account between the measurer and certifier could be created that both have access to, or which would auto-forward and email from the to their respective personal email accounts.

May not be my place to comment but it seems to me anyone who wants to be a measurer, is able to understand and follow the paper process, operate a smartphone, send emails and live in today's computerized world, should be able to enter data in the on-line system. Just saying.

Or; I don't know if there are any restrictions regarding the limit on the certifiers fee, but maybe charge extra for entering their data,

I would propose that the fee be double the going rate of $30. I would further propose that the certifier would enter the data using their own account and it would then go directly to the vice chair. The certifier would receive the auto email from the system and notify the measurer that the certification has become final. Is there a fatal flaw with this proposal that I am overlooking?

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