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I am new to course measurement and have been following the discussions with interest. It occures to me that there is another "family" of devices that might be useful.

I have an electronic counter made by NordicTrack that is used on a piece of exercise equipment to count reps. I have married it to the magnetic trigger and wheel magnet from a cylometer, and am planning to test it along side of a Protege 9. It is a four digit counter, and requires no setup - it regesters one count for each magnetic pulse.

Any thoughts?
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I've been looking at this too. Surfing the net has located a number of digital electronic counters, but so far none I've found has been both suitable and cheap enough to be attractive. I don't know whether the Nordic component can be gotten as a purchased item. If it is available, it still needs a handy bike-mounted switching device, as do all of the other electronic counters on the market.

Thus far it looks to me like Neville's approach remains the most attractive option. It all comes in one package and the price is right. I use it now, and find that it suits me.
To all our State Certifiers,

I finally used the Protege for a test run. It was not difficult to set up, but I was confused with some of the readings on the Protege 9, hence I thought I using the unit incorrectly(see below)!

First, the km/h are not going to be accurate when set-up for measuring.

Second, the temperature is going to give higher reads in a sunny climate like Arizona.

Once I got past those two hurdles, I set up the unit as suggested and headed out to do a 5k. Using both my Jones counter and the Protege 9 - I had a good experience with Nev's method and encourage all our State Certifiers to try it. My suggestion to all is set up the unit as explained, then look at Nev's example of a 5k. This will make life easy.

Good Luck,


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