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I am now convinced that requiring measurers to join USATF would be a bad idea. Thanks to everyone who chimed in with the good reasons for this.

I am still in favor of a once-per-year non-USATF-member application fee. My reasons:
  • USATF enters these measurers in its database, which is made available to the public
  • The $30.00 fee per course does not cover the costs associated with certification and web publication
  • Collecting funds earmarked for RRTC could be used for needed technological upgrades, a standard vest design and subsidized production of high-quality illuminated vests, steel tape calibrations, J/O Counter R&D, better reimbursement rates for course validations, upgraded annual meeting accommodations, and more that we could all think of if we are encouraged to.
  • We would have the ability to grant modest annual honoraria to the RRTC award winner and to the handful of men and women who do most of the behind the scenes work on maintaining the certification process and the RRTC web site.
  • We would have the ability to underwrite the review of new tools, such as new GPS devices, new EDMs, the Copenhagen Wheel, map-making tools and more.

We would have the ability to pay a modest honorarium to our Treasurers.

Pro/Con/Meh comments are all welcome.
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If anything were to be done, I think a built-in fee to the course review / certification fee would be the best way. I would not mind paying a few extra dollars per course IF there was a bridge in funding that needed to be built. But, I currently can't think of anything that is sub-standard.

During my short time as a measurer, it seems that if there is a problem with the system or technology being used, there is always someone that steps up and finds a solution and offers it to the group:
Mark created this forum
Duane offers electronic forms / spreadsheets
Multiple mapping options (some free) that have been offered up by the people that are active on this forum
There are more contributions that I am sure I am missing

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