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From a Time of London article about Paula Radcliffe arriving at the UK pre-Olympic camp in Macau:
The Olympic marathon remains scheduled for the Chinese capital but could be hosted by another city if pollution levels are too bad in Beijing.
With Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee, threatening to postpone events in the event of poor conditions, organisers claim they have an alternative route but have so far refused to divulge details even though they insist the Games will finish on time on Aug 24.

Any of our international measurers know anything of this? I would assume the alternate course would need prevalidation, but given the Chinese organizers' tendency toward secrecy, perhaps not.
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I understand that Hugh Jones and Dave Cundy were to do the Olympic Marathon measuring. I'd be surprised if one of them (I'd guess Hugh) isn't in China now, as verification of the route by the measurer will be needed.

Thus I'd say that if they need an auxiliary course, qualified guys are likely on hand.

I suspect Hugh or Dave may post something when the pressure eases.

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