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I've been working on a little project, cleaning up the database and the course file, correcting as many of the errors as I can find. The goal is to have 100% of the nearly 28,000 courses uploaded to the online search in time for the convention.

I've successfully tracked them all down, except one, and I'm working on that one. That's still 99.99997%, an improvement from the 99.5% I started with.

Many of the problems were typos or transpositions. In these cases it was relatively easy to find out what the correct course number should be, and make the correction to the database.

Others were just plain goofs. Some courses were in the wrong state, some had the wrong certifier initials and at least one had the numeric portion garbled beyond recognition. Plain old bullheadedness got me through these.

One course just ain't there. It's recorded in the database, but there's no paper copy on file.

This is not a reprimand to any previous registrar. I'm sure my successor will find more than a few errors on my part. With 28,000 records to deal with, it's inevitable that a few will escape.

But now we're down to one. Perfection is within our grasp.
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