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Community Metrics

This report was prepared specifically for: Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Statistics reported for period of: October 1-31, 2006

Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Registered Members: 161
New Members: 2
Total Hours Usage: 43


Top 5 Posters
Pete Riegel 19
Stu Riegel 13
Jim Gerweck 4
Mark Neal 4
Matthew Studholme 3

Top 5 Topic Starters
Pete Riegel 7
Matthew Studholme 2
scott hubbard 1
Gene Newman 1
Jim Gerweck 1

Total Page Views: 15729
Avg. Page Views/Day: 524
New Topics: 17
Active User Count: 17

5 Most Active Topics
Course mapping by Pete Riegel (with 13 posts and 266 page views)
Electronic maps by Pete Riegel (with 12 posts and 166 page views)
Care and feeding of your Jones, Jones/Oerth or JOL Counter by Laurent Lacroix (with 5 posts and 74 page views)
How would reversing the direction of a course affect certification? by scott hubbard (with 4 posts and 72 page views)
Validation and Short Courses by Bernie Conway (with 2 posts and 63 page views)
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