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This report was prepared specifically for: Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Statistics reported for period of: November 1-30, 2009

Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Registered Members: 242
New Members: 1
Total Hours Usage: 519


Top 5 Posters
Pete Riegel 18
Gene Newman 14
Jim Gerweck 9
Mark Neal 8
Guido Brothers 6

Top 5 Topic Starters
Gene Newman 7
Pete Riegel 5
Jim Gerweck 3
Guido Brothers 1
Justin Kuo 1

Total Page Views: 48685
Avg. Page Views/Day: 1678
New Topics: 18
Active User Count: 12

5 Most Active Topics
PUTTING THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE by Pete Riegel (with 16 posts and 195 page views)

How long does it take for a course to appear on the USATF site? by Gene Newman (with 14 posts and 186 page views)

Google Earth Measurement by Guido Brothers (with 5 posts and 111 page views)

Another Flood Course? by Jim Gerweck (with 5 posts and 78 page views)

Big city naming conventions by Jim Gerweck (with 5 posts and 71 page views)
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