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Community Metrics

This report was prepared specifically for: Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Statistics reported for period of: November 1-30, 2008

Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Registered Members: 222
New Members: 2
Total Hours Usage: 296


Top 5 Posters
Pete Riegel 9
Jim Gerweck 4
Duane Russell 2
Gene Newman 2
Mark Neal 2

Top 5 Topic Starters
Pete Riegel 5
Jim Gilmer 1
Matthew Studholme 1
Jim Gerweck 1

Total Page Views: 60044
Avg. Page Views/Day: 2070
New Topics: 8
Active User Count: 12

5 Most Active Topics
USATF Certified Course logos by Jim Gerweck (with 2 posts and 219 page views)
NOTES ON CERTIFICATE AND MAP QUALITY by Pete Riegel (with 10 posts and 145 page views)
Ted Corbitt Archive by Pete Riegel (with 5 posts and 131 page views)
RRTC Meeting agenda at USATF Convention by Pete Riegel (with 3 posts and 128 page views)
Map of the Month by Pete Riegel (with 2 posts and 92 page views)
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