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I just glanced at the new discussion on LetsRun about the unbelievable salaries and bonuses paid to the two top officers of USATF. Tens of millions to them, and NOTHING for our online certification project?

If this doesn't exemplify the ongoing malfeasance of USATF, what would? Is it time to push back against this unscrupulousness?

Jim Gilmer and his team developed V.1 of our online certification submission system for a lousy $8,000.00. And Mad Max can't afford to throw us a bone no bigger than the rounding error on his bank balances to bring our system up to date?

If this doesn't exemplify the ongoing malfeasance of USATF, what would?

Apparently, USATF corruption has now sunk to the level at which the FBI and our Judicial system are now involved: discussion about USATF .

Priorities screwed up much? What is it with USATF? Ever since I first encountered it decades ago, I have been confronted by systemic arrogance in its ranks. Thankfully, I have encountered this attitude in only two of us here in the measuring community. But these two officers have demonstrated the same kind of unjustified smug pompousness and condescending attitudes as we see at the top of our nominal non-profit today.

Just this morning I got an email from USATF asking me to send them more money - for a membership that does exactly what, may I ask?

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Look, I believe it goes further than these two.  I am not pointing anyone by name, but I see others in key position may have been given a lifetime retirement package. Not saying this is bad as it was a job for them.  They were on a salary and like anyone in a job there are perks when you retire.  However,  I believe this also should be looked at also.

USATF is corrupt. This much is incandescent. The question I feel we need to countenance is: what, if anything, can we do about this?

I, for one, am emailing Max and some of his cohorts directly to challenge their insufficient decision-making abilities - especially as to its priorities of insanely enriching certain individuals while turning its back on the RRTC community.

Reported today in Road Race Management News:

"USATF is a longtime Nike partner. The two bodies signed a deal in April 2014 that would extend their partnership from 2017 to 2040. While the value was never disclosed, reports estimated the deal to be worth at least $400 million*. Bevilacqua Helfant reportedly negotiated the deal.

When the deal was inked, Siegel said in a statement, “This new deal is a game-changer for the sport and what USATF will be able to offer all of our constituents. In working together with Nike, we placed an emphasis on growth as well as scope, so we can broaden the level and breadth of support for all USATF programs. Nike’s support for USA Track & Field and the sport as a whole is unmatched, and we look forward to this new era of collaboration.”

Here's the latest article: USATF Criminal Investigation - as reported in Runner's World.

*$400 million for "all USATF programs". Not a dime for RRTC?

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