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 I rode the wrong route for a certification last year and need to fix it.  Google Earth says it was about 8 m long the way actually run.  Since the course was originally certified as a 5,000 meter course, can I use a percentage difference to adjust the Start?  And that means NO calibration or recalibration.

  Procedure: First, ride a part of the wrong route twice establishing beginning and ending points.  Then ride the correct way twice. For safety sake, ride segment of wrong route one more time. If that agreed within .0008 of the worst of the first two rides then there is no reason for concern with tire expansion or deflation.  Then multiply the % difference of the shorter rides by 5000 and adjust.


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It doesn't matter how many inches each of those counts is worth. If you ride the old and new courses and find the new course is 150 counts shorter, then you use the same bike on the same day to add 150 counts to the start. It's not really close. It's exactly the same. You removed 150 counts by following the new course, and you added 150 counts to the start to make up for it. You never need to know how much that change was in feet or meters.

Yes, you always do this type of adjustment without calibration.  In this scenario, calibration means nothing.  Absolute count comparison is the only method needed. Mark explained it very will in his post.  Just think of each click as a link in a chain.  Get the length of the chain set on the adjusted portion, and take the chain to the Start (or Finish).  Use to move the location.  Done.

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