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Over the years training for endurance cycling events and measuring courses I’ve used many different light sources for night riding.

Lately I have had a need to do more measuring at night due to working more congested courses, etc. I don’t typically post endorsements for products but really needed a new lamp and bought a 1200 lumen, waterproof Bright Eyes Rechargeable Bike Headlight, Square model with 6400mAh Battery from Amazon for $49.00

The battery pack comes ready to be mounted to the bike frame and is easily swapped out with a fresh battery. The lamp mounts easily and securely to the bars and on 1200 lum I’m getting 3.5-hours of riding time per charge.Replacement packs are only $19.00 so for under $100 you can basically ride through the night if-needed. The extra packs can be swapped in under a minute.

Sadly I admit I’ve had much less success with $300 lamps. If you’re looking for a good deal on a quality lamp and need daylight at night time this lamp is worth a look.

A side note, I also use a 350 lumen helmet mounted light to assist in seeing where I point my noggin too. Makes identifying road name signs a lot easier at night in addition to the bike mounted light.
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I appreciate that information, Brandon. Lights are getting much better, and I agree it sounds better than the $300 versions, which have disappointed me as well.
I've also come around to using a helmet light, it's much more convenient for reading the counter or taking notes than any of the flashlights I've used over the years. I used to hold the flashlight between my teeth while writing notes but I never found one that had a decent taste!
Granted 1200 Lm is a lot of juice but I did say "if you need daylight at night". It IS bright if you're looking down the barrel but honestly there are times it's needed. Even riding in the lights of an escort at night I have a hard time seeing far enough down the road to be comfortable in every situation. Having a powerful headlight on the bike pointing where I'm riding makes spotting road signs off in the distance easier and that makes riding shortest path a lot easier too. Whatever you prefer to use, happy night measuring.
I recently purchased 1500 lumen lights for my bike. I want this brightness for daytime measuring. I do not measure at night if I have any choice. I avoid measuring in the dark not primarily for safety. I can see tangents much better in the daytime. For this reason, I feel that my daylight measurements are better than those I have done in the dark.

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