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hello all,

as you might guess, i'm Pete's son. i was tempted when i signed up to give myself a cute name like Spawn, but that would lead to two things: confusion, and copying. soon everyone would have a handle and nobody would know who anyone was. so i'll keep it simple and you can call me Stu.

i don't really do a lot of course measuring, although i have measuread one or two with him and do own the primary piece of equipment (bicycle) and am familiar with the process. i spend most of my time building radio-control projects with various purposes, either extreme scale projects like this one:

it's a 1/6 scale version of my daily driver. the white disc in the foreground is 2 inches diameter for scale purposes. the truck is perfectly scale in every dimension including weight and has working turn signals, although it is not yet complete. if you want to kill a couple of hours you can read the complete 14-page buildup thread here:

just to show you the kind of stuff that i can do in my basement with a hand drill and a Dremel tool.

or this one:

a 1/32 scale Morris Minor, which will be filled to the brim with electronics. if it runs at all i will be very pleased.

this is how i spend my free time. my wife, Bonnie, is an increasingly-successful author of online erotic fiction, and has her eye on conquering the mainstream print romance novel. so we keep busy, but not so busy that i won't lurk in here a bit, and contribute the occasional pithy comment. there is also the possibility that i will ask an exceedingly stupid question from time to time (especially in the morning before i've had my crack cocaine), so please bear with me.

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in fact, let's make this the Puzzle of the Month! longtime measurers will recall when Pete put out MN there was a puzzle each month. so here's this months puzzle.

the real truck weighs 3700 pounds. how much does the 1/6 scale model weigh? justify your calculations.

WARNING the answer is in the 14-page buildup thread, so no cheating.

have fun


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