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Hello to all,

You may recall my name popping up in discussions about who would take on the task of Registrar. It seems to be "my night in the barrel."

I'm getting the hang of it so far, only a few minor hiccups and no tragic filing-cabinet injuries to be reported yet.

For the record, my mailing address:

Stu Riegel
18316 Ponciana Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44135

Certifiers: Please continue sending certs and maps to the appropriate Vice Chair.

Vice Chairs: Please send all certs and maps here, rather than to Mike.

There are a few things you can all do to make the new Registrar's life a little easier, and ensure that he sticks around to become the Old Registrar instead of bailing out at the first opportunity. To wit:

Those of you who certify hundreds of courses every year (you know who you are), please don't send them all at once. Split 'em up into nice manageable packets once a week, or every couple of weeks if it's slow.

No staples, please. My scanner's document feeder makes a mess of anything that's ever had a staple in it, and flat-bedding is a pain. Plus they always get jammed under my fingernails.

Also, if the course number could be placed at or near the bottom of the page on the map (opposite the certifier's signature), that will speed things up for me slightly. Your kindness will not go unnoticed.

If you need to get hold of me, e-mail me:

I try to answer e-mail in a timely fashion, however bear in mind that I cannot access the files while I'm at work. So if you get a message back that says "I'll check it tonight" I'm not blowing you off, I'm just 11.2 miles (plus SCPF)away from the files.

That's about it for now. Thanks for listening
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Since I know how we all like to measure stuff, I'll be charting my efficiency (entries/hour) so you can all play along at home.

As of today, it's sitting at 8. That counts entering the data in Excel, scanning the maps and certificates, and filing the paper.

Goofing off time (posting silliness on the internet and making bogus Excel files to chart my efficiency) naturally affects the outcome.
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The combination of Access for record-keeping and Irfanview for scanning has made a difference inyour Registrar's efficiency. I'm up to 15.05 records/hour, as measured over a 4.25 hour period tonight.

That doesn't yet include filing the 64 certs. Maybe I can talk one of the cats into doing that for me.

Paul, I know you sent 67. Three required special handling, and I wanted to get the big pile out of the way first.

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