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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss....

It became painfully clear to me that I no longer have the time to do a proper job of the registrar position. To that end, I have ceded responsibility to Pete Riegel. While I still have the filing cabinets, the day-to-day duties have been passed on.

With only three days home out of 14, there just wasn't time to do it right. And dad has plenty of time.

I'd rather not do it at all than try to do it half-assed. Dad's done it before, and seems to be picking it up pretty well. Contact info on the USATF site will be updated soon. Until he gets into the swing of it, I'll serve in an advisory capacity.
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In the past, when I mailed the certificates to Paul Hronjack, I included a $3 payment/cert, made out to Stu Riegel. Will the payment remain the same? Shall I make the checks to Pete Riegel?

Occasionally, I sent Stu the maps in an electronic format to avoid losing detail in the printing and scanning process, or when the map was in color. I imagine the process is a bit more complicated now that the USATF webmaster (Keith Lively) has moved on. Can I send you maps in an electronic format?

Thank you. -- Justin
Justin and all certifiers:

Checks should now be made out to Pete Riegel.

I will accept electronic files if they conform to the format and file size (8 1/2 x 11, 300dpi, png format). It is a mild pain to do this, but I can cope for a while. Most map files are in the 200 kb size range. If your files are bigger, get in touch by email and we will work it out.

I am currently having fits trying to connect with USATF's server, and Keith Lively (who operates USATF's server and our map files) is having his last day at USATF today.

Keep sending paper copies to your VC.
I have just now completed uploading 180 new maps as folder "maps 29 Sep 08" to the USATF server. I had a burp in the middle of the process and am not sure how many courses wound up on the USATF server, as I have no way to check.

Data entry and sending material to USATF is up to date on the registrar end.

Yesterday I mailed USATF a CD with the map folder and the up to date Access course list file. If the electronic transfer was less than satisfactory, they can use the CD. Personally, I find the mailed-CD method easier on my end. I spent 8 hours yesterday trying to make that FileZilla program work. It has little support that I can comprehend.

When I’m informed by Andy Martin that the map files have been updated, I will send the Access file containing the course list, electronically.

I believe the CD method to be more robust and a hell of a lot easier at my end of the data chain. I prefer it. It allows what enters the USATF file server to be compared with what I send, which is something I am presently unable to do.

This was a hell of an exercise, with me taking over the registrar duties from Stu, just when Keith Lively was leaving. One way or another we will work things out.
Justin and any other Final Signatorie's,

You may send Pete the Certs, however we must send the VC'S copies as they are part of the check and balance system. The VC should be sent $3.00 of which he keeps $1.00 and sends the balance to our Course Registrar with the Certificate. Our VC's look over the work of the FS as a check, hence the $1.00 is for their time.

We could make the system work faster by eliminating the VC, but I feel they are very important! If any others have thoughts on this please let me know.

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