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Since the JR went on-sale about 4 years ago, the prices on everything have been going up, and up.... and we've reached the tipping point. As of February 21, counters will cost $10 more.

5-digit counters will cost $120 plus shipping.
6-digit counters will cost $135 plus shipping.

Postage has gone up as well, so inside the US the price for Priority mail will be $6.

Alas, inflation hits everywhere eventually. It can't be helped.
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Tom, Pete,

We need 15 of the 5 digit counters. If possible with the slightly larger centre hole which you have been producing more recently.

Do you know of anyone coming to UK over the next few months who would be prepared to help by hand carrying?

I am just awaiting clearance to go ahead with the order immediately so that we can secure the order before the price increase takes effect.

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