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Testing out a new way to share photos. More info coming.

Still trying to figure out how to make the images appear "in-line." If anyone has ideas let me know. The solution would have to allow for multiple people to post images, not just the owner of the account.
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Testing placing an image that is in my Website. Will it appear inline? We'll see.

EDIT: Well, linking to an image that is online seems to work. I just selected the composition tool that is used to insert a photo, the third menu item from the right.

Is this not what you are trying to do, Mark? Or, are you trying to be able to post without the photo being contained in another Website? I don't believe there is a way to post a photo that has not already been published to the Web, whether in another site, or in a photo-sharing site like Flickr.
Testing a direct link to Flickr:

I tried to link to a photo in my Flickr photostream, but neither method worked. I copied the link to the Flickr page where the photo displayed, and also tried copying the "Share" link. Both worked when I pasted into a browser address bar, but don't work when trying to embed an image here.

The difference may be that in Flickr, you are taken to a page that contains the image, which was created by a call to a database. In my link to my Website, the link is a direct route to the image itself, without the HTML wrapper. Flickr uses an alias for the image, not an actual XXX.jpg name.
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Yes I can embed images that are stored on my website just like you did.
But I want to create a common location for people to put images and then link to them to embed. Flickr has groups, which solves the common location requirement (I can just add all BB members to a group), but Flickr won't provide a direct link to images. I am guessing this is because they want people to go to their site to see the image. If they allow embedding then nobody is aware the image is stored on Flickr.
That's a good idea Oscar, but I doubt Duane is getting his website hosted for free. There might be free hosting services out there but they likely put big restrictions on how you can use it if they are providing it for free.
But your suggestion reminded me that RRTC pays GoDaddy to host our website, so we could just use that. However, another requirement is that everyone needs to have access to it in order to post their pictures. Obviously we can't give everyone the username and password to our GoDaddy account.

Nothing is ever easy!

Two possibilities I'm looking into are Google Drive (suggested by Justin) and Imgur. Imgur is probably the best option because you can post photos there without having an account, and the photos stay on their site forever they say. I say Imgur is the best option because we don't have to set up or maintain anything for that like we would have to if we create a Google Drive for this purpose.
Below are instructions for how to embed an image from imgur into your bulletin board post. Maybe a few people could try it to make sure the instructions are clear. Once we get a final version of the instructions that are clear I will post to the main forum.

Embedding an image from imgur into your bulletin board post

    1) Go to (login if you have an account, but this is not required)
    2) Click on the green New post button.
    3) Drag your image to the imgur window.
    4) Hover over your image in the imager window(you may need to click if the browser window is not active) and then hover over the pull-down menu symbol.
    5) Select "Get share links."
    6) Click on Copy next to the link under "BBCode(Forums)"
    7) Paste to your bulletin board post.
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