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Hello Measurers,

We’re coordinating a seminar for NC measurers in 2022. If will be free and you don’t have to be an NC based measurer to attend. It will be a similar format to the one Mike Wickiser did in OH a few years back.

If you’re an IAAF grade measurer and would like to present a topic please message me. The more experience and diversity we have among presenters the better.


Dates: April 23-34, 2022 (Pre seminar dinner Friday April 22)

Location: Greensboro, NC

Time will be dedicated to socializing/networking, best practices, tips tricks and some practical application pulling calibration courses, measuring courses and advanced measuring tips and tricks.


Friday 4/22 – Dinner 6:00pm (Social/Networking Opportunity)

Saturday 4/23 – Seminar 9:00am – 4:00pm (1/2 day classroom, 1/2 day measuring)

Saturday 4/23 – Dinner 6:00pm (Social/Networking Opportunity)

Sunday 4/24 – Seminar 9:00am – 1:00pm (Hands on Advanced measuring)

We hope many of you will be interested in the seminar

We’ll be posting additional details and a registration link here in January.

Thank you,

Brandon Wilson

USATF/RRTC Certifier

IAAF/AIMS Grade A measurer

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Gary, Texas is a long way to come. I wasn't expecting that kind of travel but it makes the bike question totally understandable. I'd be happy to arrange getting a bike for you if you want to come. Regarding a pathway to IAAF B I would say (and people can chime in here) any opportunity to learn more about the craft is a pathway to an upgrade. It's about experience and you learn a lot from interacting with other measurers, that's the main benefit of a seminar. Personally I find the seminars helpful that you get to observe so many people doing the same thing different ways, different rigs, different gear and different approaches, all correct, all different. I've learned a lot from other measurers and these seminars are an opportunity meet with, interact and learn from others. I hope to have an opportunity to meet you in April

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