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In trying to find a dependable method to mount my small adding machine to my bike, I've came up with a method that can be used for multiple purposes. My suggestion would be to mount a metal plate covered with velcro (front and back) to your handlebars. Then, you could place velcro on bottom of various objects and be able to take them on/off your bike as needed.
For instance, small clipboards, hand-held GPS unit, clear plastic for maps/target counts, pens/pencils, etc.

I use a "handlebar" mounted counter which I now have mounted to this metal plate. Doing this, gives me the ability to support the cable better.

Below is image of method I used to mount the metal plate and my resulting setup.

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Yes, that is correct. That was what made it work so well. You just need to find a couple of bolts that are short enough to be able to tighten down against the metal plate.

I've measure two 5km, two 10km and one 1/2 Marathon since adding this. Works very well.
I especially like the metal plate working like a spring to protect the adding machine from pounding.

Originally posted by Mike Sandford:
So that is what I need - a "split ring hanger".

Is it threaded to take the bolt that holds the plate?
Thanks Ken,

I wonder what the equivalent name is in the UK. Google gives 26 hits uk only and then they seem to be refering to US things. By contrast the worldwide google search gives 158,000!

If I turn up at the average plumbers merchants round here and ask for a split ring hanger I might get some odd looks. Perhaps I had better print off a picture to take.

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