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Christmas Eve day in CT the temps topped 50, so I was able to get in a second ride of a course for a winter race I'd ridden once before the snow started flying. Thanks Santa! (I was, however, disappointed my wife didn't give me my usual box of PK nails in this year's stocking Frowner )

Happy Holidays to all in the measurement community!
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Echoing Jim's holiday wishes, I hope has a great Christmas or Chanakkuh (sp?) or Kwanzaa or maybe all of the above, if they take the Balinese approach to religious holidays. The Balinese celebrate all religious holidays of every religion and many more besides.
I certainly appreciate Kevin's offer to take care of MN. And Jim, if your wife knows a good source of PK nails, could she share that? (They're not as easy to find around here as they used to be).
I've actually been using MagNails for the past couple years. Not sure where my wife got them; I think at a local surveyors supply store.

Interesting story: In August, I was going to So. Dakota to measure the new course for the Mt. Rushmore Marathon. I knew they wouldn't let me bring nails on the plane, so I mailed a few out ahead to where I'd be staying.

Pulling out of the rental car place, I saw a survey crew on the road leading to the airport. I hopped out and asked the guy where I could get some nails nearby. His response was to give me a whole handful out of the back of his truck. That made my trip.

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