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Message from Gene Newman

Hi Pete,

I'm doing some traveling and had the chance to meet Clain at Montana State. I'm hoping you could post the pictures and the following.
Clain Jones (left) and I exchanged some interesting conversation about the old and new Counters [Jones and JR]. Clain 's dad invented the 1st counters and Clain sold them to help him earn some money. I believe they sold for $9.

Thanks Pete,

Best, Gene

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Original Post
Pete, thanks for posting and, Gene, thanks for sending. That Subject sure caught my eye.

On the price, Clain reminded me that he generally sold the counters for an amount close to his age. When he started at age nine, it was a little under $9.00 and when he graduated from high school and sold the business to the NY Road Runners Club, he was selling them for $17.00.


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