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I have been asked to repost info on the
L.E.D. Lighted reflective vests.
Signs are available from David Hariman for $5.00 each or $8.00 for a pair postage paid.
His contact info isBig Grinavid Harriman, 7846 Taunton Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46260, 317-679-1403,

L.E.D. safety vests are available for $25.00 postage paid each from
Mike Wickiser, 93 Geoppert rd., Peninsula, OH 44264
330-655-2895 Email:

Both of us accept PayPal.
Pics of the sign & vests are at

The vests and signs add tremendously to the visibility and safety for any course measurement.
Highly recommend the measurement signs...
Haven't measured any courses on the roads since getting mine but have measured two courses (5K and 25K) on paved trails with them mounted on my bicycle. Both bicyclist and walkers/runners much more cooperative and understanding once they see/read the sign without my having to explain why I'm on "their" pathway, or why I'm in the pedestrian lane and not the bike lane, etc.
Ken is right about a different, more cooperative attitude that the signs foster. Plenty of questions about what course am I measuring, rather than stares asking "What do you think you're doing?"
Attitude of drivers is also much better based on my experience so far. Last week US Park Policemen closed down sections of Rock Creek Parkway so I could measure it. I didn't hear honks or angry yells; folks seemed pretty patient considering.
I just want to add that nothing, including helpful signs, should lull us into not being extremely careful out there. (Sorry for double negative-- just be careful OK?)

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