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The preferred measurement around a curbed turn is 30cm. What about a 6 meter radius on a race walk course? Traffic cones taper and it is very easy for a competitor to walk right next to the cones (and they do). I have always added the 30cm but it seems to me the actual course distance is short.

The procedure manual is not clear in this regard.

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Walkers and runners on a track or road course will drift into the 30cm wide zone next to the curb or cones. It would be an interesting study to see the path that athletes run or walk.

I believe, most competitors would not want to risk hitting the curb or cones. On a track, when cones are used, they should be at least 20cm in height and placed no further that 4 meters apart. I would recommend doing something similar for the road race walk course. You may want add a few more cones and put the cones closer together.

Here are a couple photos of the cones that were used at the 2010 IAAF World Cup in Chihuahua Mexico.

The cones were nailed to the pavement. Thank you. -- Justin

ps. Photos were by Steve Vaitones.
Road course measurments are almost consistant wtih track measurements....almost!

When a track is built with a raised curb ("kerb" for all those on the other side of the pond), the measurement is made 30cm from the curb. All other measurements in lanes 2+ are measured 20cm from the outer edge of the white line.
Tracks that are built without curbs are measured 20cm from the white line (where a curb would have been).

It is an accepted fact that an athlete, especially in the 200m could run less then 200m if he/she runs close to the inner lane line (without beign DQ'd for stepping on the line).

Road race measuring has adopted the measuring of 30 cm from curbs or cones!
Race walk course should be measured 30 cm out from the planned placement of the cones on all turns, especially the hair-pin turns.
All the measurers that I have observed who have measured the World Championships or Olympic Games have two measured lines around the turns (hair-pin): one for the cone placement and one for the actual path. Obviously, one only needs to measure and mark the cone placement line with the correct offset.
David Katz

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