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I just looked-up Paul Hronjak's list of courses. I incorrectly concluded that he started measuring in 2001, as that is as far back as that course list goes. However, he has measured courses prior to 2001.

Should we remove the "active" restriction from the list of courses when one looks at a particular measurer? That way, one could see what the true length of experience is, and not just see what they have measured that is still an active course. It's like asking for someone's work history, but "just tell me about your current employer". Not really representative of the scope of work one has done.
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Expanding on Gene’s recommendation:

Go to the course search engine. The main heading is “Search for a USATF-certified course.”

Ignore “Basic Criteria.” Fill in nothing here.

Under “Advanced Criteria” select “Course Status - any”. Select “Course type - any.”

Under “Results” select “Show: All fields.” For Format, select “download (tab delineated.)

Click on “Search” and the list will download to your computer for further use.

The resulting download can be opened in Excel and contains every course certified since the SCPF was instituted, the entire modern list. Manipulating the Excel file can generate all sorts of lists.

I prefer to download the entire list and use Excel do the sorting, rather than use the search engine to do it. I save the Excel file as “Courses 07-03-2011” or whatever the date of download was. Then it’s a handy reference for whatever further searching I want to do.
Okay, so there is a way to see all of a particular measurer's courses. I did not go into the search through the Find a Course method; rather, I went through the Find a Measurer method, as a Race Director might follow when looking for someone to measure their course.

While Paul's list of active courses is impressive in and of itself, if another, less-prolific measurer was found to only have one course a year, but they had been measuring for 20 years, the older courses may give more confidence to the Race Director. I don't think any race director will look for a measurer in the Course Search page, as they would not go to that search method once they have a measurer's last name.

All I am saying is, we want to simplify our processes, and make our site easy for runners and race directors, yet if they search for a measurer by state (or name), they go to the same results I received, which only show Active courses. In this search area, it may be appropriate (along with a prominent "Active" disclaimer) to show all the courses someone has done, and not just Active courses. Active course results are appropriately displayed when someone is looking for a course, which is a different search motive than trying to find a measurer.

I just don't see any value here. Does someone want a person with experience to measure their course? Do you want a person who measures one course a year or a more experienced measurer.

Again, I don't want to confuse active and non-active. People may see a course as stated before that's inactive and assume it's certified.

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