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A brand new issue of Measurement News Fall 2006 Issue 133 is now available online. To view or download a copy, visit:

What you’ll find packed inside our new Fall Issue of Measurement News (MN):

A History: The Many Courses of the Houston Marathon by Tom McBrayer, TX Regional Certifier

Meticulous process needed to certify Don Carroll Race Jaycees official records 10K distance on bicycle, one step at a time
by Joanne Beck, Daily News Staff Writer

An Excellent Electronic Counter for Only $7
by Neville Wood, USATF/RRTC Validations Chairman

Some memories of early running days in Houston…
by Pete League, Founder of the Houston Marathon

Meet the Regional Certifiers
by Kevin P. Lucas, Editor and Friends

AIMS Races in the Americas
by Bernie Conway, AIMS-IAAF Measurement Administrator for the Americas

Running Shorts
by Scott Hubbard, Michigan Runner and Michigan Regional Certifier

USATF Associations Workshop Course Measurement Sessions August 26-27, 2006 - Pittsburgh, PN
by Kevin P. Lucas, Editor

Use of Programmable Hand Held Calculators to Simplify the Pressure Monitoring Method for Course Measurement
by Neville Wood, USATF/RRTC Validations Chairman

Boston, New York to Host 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials USATF RRTC Course Measurement and Certification Workshop 07/29/06, Albany, NY
by Jim Gilmer, New York Regional Certifier

New Certified Course Entries - USATF Certified Course List
by Stu Riegel, USATF/RRTC Course Registrar

USATF/RRTC Regional Certifier List with Complete Contact Information

MN is the journal of the USA Track & Field/Road Running Technical Council (USATF/RRTC). MN maintains its important role for ALL concerned parties to communicate and discuss matters affecting our sport at all levels, including race walking, road racing, track & field, records, finish line timing, and road course certification. MN is published quarterly; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. RRTC Officers, Regional Certifiers, USATF Representatives, Course Measurers, and AIMS/IAAF Officials and measurers will receive a free online Subscription. All parties are equally invited to contribute and participate in the dialogue.

Notification of new issues of MN is sent by e-mail. To receive MN notification, send an e-mail to with subscribe as the subject. To cancel MN notification, send an e-mail to with unsubscribe as the subject.


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