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I was perusing some maps on the USATF certified course list for ideas and came across the Rock and Roll Denver Marathon and Half Marathon maps (CO10030DCR and CO10031DCR). I thought they were well done and went on to look at some others, when it occured to me that they were in color. I went back to the certification guidelines to check, and they specifically say that all maps must be in black and white -- no gray and no color. But these maps were obiously drawn up in color, and scanned in color (or just converted to a color version of whatever file type is used on the list).

I've often wanted to use color because it can often help distinguish details that are lost in black and white.

What's up?

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When I print my color maps in black and white, they look fine. It seems to me that something happens in the USATF process that causes many color maps to become unacceptable - including some old ones of mine that I submitted in color before I understood that they wold not work on

To test what might be happening, I printed some of my recent maps in color and then I scanned them to sub-300KB .pngs. They look fine. When I print these .pngs in color or black and white, they still look fine.

Lyman Jordan
After measuring with Bernie Conway last year, he told me that he is able to print in color. So if you can produce a good map in B&W from a color, you can submit your color for IAAF certification (A and B grade measurers) to Bernie. I still do everything in B&W, but sometimes I add the compass point in color. I print everything in B&W that I send in for USATF certification.
The problem with Color maps on the USATF site is my software doesn't allow me to produce the correct specs for USATF.

The maps found on the site were produce my Duane Russell and he has more knowledge than I to do with this process.

Pete, can tell you how much of pain it is when one's map are not done according to what is asked. As the registrar, one should understand much time is required to get all the information up online. If we allowed color or grayscale then there would be a considerable increase in time spent. I'm not ready to move in this direction.

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