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Thanks Kevin. I am compiling a list of mistakes I have found for Jane. There are several cities that were not found in the geocoding, and the reason in most cases was that the city was misspelled. But I didn't find the Delphi mistake (should be Delhi), maybe because Delphi is also a city?

The folks you mention that you do not see might be for a couple reasons. Make sure you refresh your browser. The multiple people in the same city was originally a problem. It was fixed but if your browser is not refreshing it is using the old version. The second reason is that you will need to zoom in fairly close to the city to see the multiple dots for the multiple measurers.

Keep those error checks coming!
Mark, I see measurers listed that don't want to be shown as available to measure courses. At one time, Gene and Jane removed measurers who did not want to be listed, from appearing in a search for measurers in a state.

For instance, at a glance, I see Creigh Kelley and Alan Lind listed in the search results, but neither wants to be listed as a measurer for others to contact. Did the db lose that flag, and the search again lists everyone who has measured a course? (Question for Gene and Jane)

But, I love the concept of the map!
Great job with this map. As Regional Certifier for Utah and Kansas, I sometimes get request from RD for a Measurer near them. But not that familiar with location of cities in Utah and Kansas so this will be quite useful.
If you get really bored this winter and need another challenge, a similar map for Calibration courses could be quite useful.

Once again - thanks for putting this map togeather. I've already sent it to one RD who was needing a measurer.
Excellent idea Ken. The only concern is that the only location information is the city,state. It would be much better if we had more precise info on locations.

After creating a map for cert courses with just city,state, I will get more precise info for calibration courses in Michigan. If anyone would like to volunteer to do other states let me know.
Thanks Nathan. GPS is what I need in the format below:


The coordinates need to be decimal degrees. The latitude should be positive and the longitude negative.

The other option for people who might be interested in helping would be to do it in google earth.

1) Put a waypoint at each cal course location.
2) Make the name of each waypoint the cert#.
3) Put all those waypoints into a single folder in GE.
4) Right-click on that folder and select "Save Place As..."
5) Select kml as the file type
6) Save it to your hard drive
7) Email me that kml file. runnermark at
Mark, that is not necessary for the Certifiers to inform Jane. You see, every time she enters info the measurers information is checked. Henc, she should know immediately.

On another note, if you add one to the list will it change the site for searching? Finally, I will see if USATF can get this on their site.
I agree with Gene’s handling of this. If a measurer moves, the listings will be updated only when he or she measures another course. A measurer who moves is treated just like a new measurer when they are added to the location map and online directory listings. In the meantime, the measurer’s old location and contact information is left as is. Seems like an unnecessary burden for the registrar to keep up with and to create a new measurer listing before the measurer measures another course.

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