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Many of you know that since we moved to the new online course certification process there is no longer any way for race directors to find a list of USATF course measurers near them who could measure their course. The new online system does provide a way to list everyone who has an account on the system, but unfortunately many people who are not course measurers created accounts. This means that anyone searching for a course measurer is confronted with a large list of names, with only a small number of those actually being course measurers. This issue is being addressed, and hopefully a solution will eventually be found.

An alternative way for race directors, or anyone, to find a measurer near their race location, is to use the Measurer Map. A link to this map can be found on the website in the list of Quick Links at the top of the page, where it says "Find a course measurer." A direct link to the map is also given below.

After you click on the link and the map is displayed, you can zoom in on your location to see all the course measurers nearby, with their locations displayed as red dots (or blue or green dots for World Athletics B and A measurers, respectively). If you hover over a dot, the name and the contact information for the measurer will appear. If you click on a dot, that same information will displayed in a small box. If a large city is displayed on the map make sure to zoom in fairly closely to prevent multiple measurer dots from obscuring each other.

Please make race directors you know, and others, aware of this tool for finding the locations of course measurers near them. And please make me aware of any mistakes you find in the information for a course measurer on the map, or anyone that you cannot find on the map who you know is a course measurer. Keep in mind though, that for a person to appear on the map as a course measurer they must have measured at least one course for USATF certification. You can let me know about mistakes or omissions by private messaging me on this forum, or by emailing me at

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I'm glad to hear that this issue is being addressed.I nearly missed a major client recently due to the overpopulated list of measurers in Fort Worth. The client emailed one of the non-measurers listed in the database of measurers who just happened to know me and was able to direct them to me. Of the 5 "measurers" that are listed in Fort Worth, TX, I am the only one who has ever measured a course. As it stands, the current database violates the USATF criteria for listed measurers.  -

To be listed as a measurer on the USATF/RRTC Websites, measurers must meet defined criteria. This does not mean someone cannot measure his or her own course and have it listed. It only means that, if these standards of performance are not met, a measurer won’t be visible in the list of measurers shown on the USATF/RRTC Websites. This is to ensure that when race directors look to the USATF/RRTC sites for measurers who they may hire to measure a course, the persons listed will meet at least minimal performance standards:

  1. A measurer must create maps that meet the stated standards, as found in the Course Measurement Procedures Manual on page 27.
  2. A measurer must create every map with enough detail that someone not at all familiar with the course can properly set out the course for a race. Marks will fade or be removed, so descriptions of Start, Finish, and Turnarounds relative to permanent landmarks are critical. Accurate split descriptions are also critical when included, as runners want splits. Since you measure and mark splits, they should be indicated on the map, and descriptions supplied for each split (split descriptions can be on a second page, if there is no room on the map page for the split descriptions). Split descriptions are not required. Maps without sufficient detail (lacking Start, Finish, and Turnaround detail drawings) are not acceptable.
  3. A measurer must file application paperwork which is filled in completely and correctly. All requested information must be supplied, including name, phone, and email of the lead measurer, and that of the race contact. Physical addresses for the measurer and race contact are recommended, but optional.
  4. Measurers must respond to requests by the Certifier for additional information/clarification of a map or an application in a timely manner. It’s not the responsibility of the Certifier to make multiple requests for information. Failure to respond to requests in a timely manner is reason for de-listing.

The current website layout simply invites confusion, with a big "sign up" link on the front page with absolutely no information that registration is ONLY for measurers who meet the above criteria.

Here's my suggestion:

1. Redesign the home page of so that the search database function is featured prominently on the home page and the sign in page is not included on the home page.

2. Make a separate registration page that lists the above USATF listed measurer standards and requires users to check a box attesting that they meet the criteria before they are allowed to register.

3. Per standard #4 above, purge all the non-measurers from database.

I have updated the measurer map with the changes people sent me through email. Thank you for finding those mistakes and letting me know.

Please keep sending me those corrections as you find mistakes. I probably won't respond to every email, but rather, just make the correction. If you don't see your correction happen in a few days, email me again.

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