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The 2012 London Olympics have come and gone, yet no report has yet surfaced from David Katz, the IAAF measurer in charge of the measurement of the Marathon and Race Walks. David was appointed IAAF measurer of the course, and he traveled to London for the official course measurement.

David measured the course with Hugh Jones, who did the exhaustive job of measuring the course many times. Each time it changed, Hugh had to get a new fix on the course. It was a huge job. Also measuring the course was Mike Sandford, who maintains the website
UK Course Measurement

Time passed, the Olympics came and went, and no report was forthcoming from David.

Mike worked up an excellent report of the measurement, and repeatedly asked David for input, without success. Finally Mike and I agreed that it was time to publish, and it has been done.

You can see Mike’s work at Measurement Report.

It is a fine piece of work.
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Pete, Thanks for your help.

I had hoped to include a copy of David's calculations but I have not heard from him. Instead, I have now added as a pdf a full copy of my own spreadsheet of calculations which uses the raw counts of the 3 riders, so I believe the current version (9 Feb) is effectively a full report on the measurement.

I suppose the IAAF does not itself publish full measurement reports for Olympic Marathon measurements. Pete has assembled a collection of all the reports since 1976 except for Moscow and Barcelona. They are available here on Alan Jones' website. (scroll down the list to the measurement reports in the middle), or use my table which links directly to the pdfs.

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