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Every couple of years the login process seems to change, and each time they do it I get mad. If I get frustrated I expect others do too. I sent the below nastygram to Groupee or LiveCloud or whoever they are now. I hope they will quit diddling with the system:

I have worked for years to get this damn bulletin board up and working. The people on it are not socialites. We do not tweet or twitter or gossip. This is the second time that the login process has required action. Each time you do this I lose members. I have no interest in anything LiveCloud or Groupee or whoever you are now has to offer, except efficient maintenance of the Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board.

Please, can't you quit fiddling with the login system? It's hurting what I do.

For example, I have tried half a dozen times this morning to log on to the bulletin board and so far without success.
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Whatever happened (Groupee became Livecloud?), I today started receiving the "Email Digest" notification after not receiving one via email for over 2-years. This indicates that there was more than a name change going on behind the curtain. I also had to reaffirm my acceptance of the terms and conditions. All seem to be working OK now.

Pete - Guido Brothers

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