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Dear Matthew,

Past practice has been to put the location where the S/F is. If different, use the finish location. There are a bunch of courses in Cincinnati which cover a lot of ground in Covington, KY, just across the Ohio river. They are Ohio courses.

Best, Pete

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Dear Pete,

I have a 5k course which I'm planning to measure which is on a state line (TN/VA) where the start and finish is in one state (VA) but 2/3rd's of the course is in the other state (TN). Which state should the course be certified in? Does it matter which or can I choose? Initially I would have said VA because of location of the start and finish lines. However, runners here get more excited about possibilities of TN state records for which only TN residents are applicable, unlike in VA where it's a free-for-all.

Best Regards

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Absolutely agree.

I have twice measured a course in Quincy, Illinois which crosses the Mississippi River into Missouri and then returns to Illinois.

It starts and finishes in Illinois, so it's an Illinois course.

It would be interesting to see if there is a course that starts in one state and finsihes in another. There must be a number of places where a street divides two states (for example, in Kansas City) and the logistics of doing this would not be difficult. Would it make sense to give the course numbers in both states?

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