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Just finished riding a half-marathon loop (which will also be a two-loop) marathon. The previous marathon course was something close to the original; two portions of the course were deleted because of traffic/police issues...hence the two half-marathon loop course.
Not long after doing the original marathon map, I saw a marathon course map which had very little detail about turns, start, finish, etc. (After reading Neville's report to the national meeting, he had detail issues with a course which was done by the same RD as the marathon I this might be a moot issue.) The big question on my mind is this:

How much detail, at a minimum, outside of showing exact locations of start/finish/turn-around/restrictions, needs to be on the map?

My first presumptive answer from this collective would seem to be: 'the amount to help the course certifier ride the exact course you did.'
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I go one step further when advising measurers regarding maps; "Make it clear enough that a volunteer who does not run, could lay out the course in the dark on race morning". Whatever detail is needed to accomplish that, is what is needed for that course.

There are many courses that don't need any detail other than Start and Finish locations, as it is very clear. Others need detail regarding more of the turns. Tailor the detail to fit the need, accepting that some maps will need more detail than others.

Hope this helps.

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