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The LDE portal is designed to handle those measurements which are not presently covered by the regular menu choices. Certifiers and FS's can use the regular system when the particular submission meets these requirements.

Jim Gilmer and his team want to continually develop this sytem to handle most if not all types of submissions some day. I don't know where the funding for this may come from. Please ask Jim. I am interested in his response, too.

The title of this post is a little misleading. I clicked on it thinking I would see some explanation of the different categories for LDE courses (I saw some explanation of these back in September, but don't know where this info is within the website).

I completed my first LDE  today, an adjustment to the Rock n Roll 10K in New Orleans. The course was remeasured from Mile 3 to the finish because the race is providing two separate finish lines for the 10K and Half Marathon and the courses now separate after Mile 3 of the 10K and Mile 10 of the Half. Both courses were remeasured over their final 3.1 miles (+/-). I indicated in the measurement date field that there were measurements from 2018 as well as 2020; when the certificate was created, it showed a 2020 cert number rather than a 2018.

I can only imagine I must have selected the wrong LDE category. I chose "Adjusted - measured" since the course was partially remeasured. Should I have chosen "Adjusted - calibrated" instead?



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