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I have been informed by the local Fairport course certifier that it can sometimes take a while before a certified course reaches the website.
The Rochester Marathon course (NY-06048-JG) was certified in July but has not reached the website yet.
The race is this Sunday (Sept 17th). Is there any chance that it will be on the USATF website before then?
Course NY-06048-JG was certified on 8/05/06 (perhaps the writer means it was measured in July) and I received the paperwork from Jim sometime in August (I don't log in the receipt of the hundreds of certificates I receive) and I mailed it to Stu (Registrar) on September 3rd ... at least that's when I prepared the meiling ... it might not have actually been mailed for a couple of days after that since I have to go to the post office to do it.

Is there a list of courses listed in the general order they have been ceritified, or are they only available as a result of a search on the course search page?

To make your life easier, (I sent you a private email before, but thought I would put this out for more to evaluate) could maps be submitted as PDF docs (for those that create maps with software, or who have scanners)? You mentioned you still had to scan the certs, but if there was a template for the certs in a Word format, Word docs can be saved as PDFs, also.

Just thinking about how many you handle, and if we in the field can technologize to make your job simpler, shouldn't we?

The course list isn't chronological, it's sorted by certification number. From this you can infer that, say TX07031JF was certified after TX07030JF, but there's no relationship between that and TX07031ETM. My Access file has a "date entered" field, but that only gives the date I received it, and only for the courses received since 2006, a tiny fraction of the 29,000 total courses in the file.

As far as electronic files go, a PDF doen't make things any simpler for me. I'd have to convert it to our PNG 2550x3300 2-bit standard and print a paper copy for the files. It's actually more trouble than scanning a map, which I do in batches of 20-100 per night.
To get a complete course list go to:

It's the USATF course search engine. Now do this:

1) Ignore "basic criteria."
2) Under "Advanced Criteria" select either "active" or "any" status, depending on whether you want every course ever certified or just the active ones. Select "any" as the course type.
3) Now go to the "Results" section. For "show" select "all fields." For "format" select "download (tab delineated)."
4) Now hit the "search" button, and you will download a course list in tab-delineated text format. It can be opened in Excel, Word, or a number of programs of your choice.

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