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Dave Katz was elected to the International Cross Country and Road Running Officials (ICROS) committee of IAAF at their meeting prior to the World Championships in Berlin. Congratulations to David. Next time I measure w/ him I'll doubtless have to sweep the dirt from the street in front of him as he goes. Wink
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David has paid his dues over the years. He’s the longest-active RRTC person, hailing back into the Corbitt era, measuring courses well before any of the rest of us got started. He’s been involved in measurements of Olympic marathons as well as a ton of courses in his area. He’s directed hundreds of races, and, outside of RRTC work, has been heavily involved in track meets, most notably the Millrose Games in New York City.

Well done, David.
Thank you for the kind words.
Just a clarification:
I was appointed (not elected) to be an ICRO for a 4 year term by the IAAF Council.
An ICRO is an international technical cross country-road race official assigned to the world championships to help ensure that the IAAF rules and regulations are being followed.
Before this year, the IAAF appointed 8. The new class of ICROs are split to 4 for road racing and 4 for cross country...I'm one of the four for road racing.
regards from Berlin

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