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I’m in the process of creating a web page for the new Jones Counter, model JR. I already have a registered domain name. I’m new at this and floundering along. I hope to have the web page up and running by the time the counters are actually on hand and ready to sell.

At present I'll be the webmaster and Tom will do the assembly and shipping. Once things get going Tom will do it all.

One of the things I need to do is to create a list of keywords, so that those searching the web will be able to find the site. I’m limited to 1000 characters. I have the following list so far:

Jones Counter
Course Measurement
Certified Courses
Bicycle Measurement
Bicycle Revolution Counter

What other keywords might help direct the curious to the new web site?

We plan to sell with payment in advance. Payment may be made by sending a dollar check drawn on a US bank. We also expect to accept Paypal and Google Checkout, although we have not yet set up accounts for this.

I know that some of the BB members have their own web pages, and I’ll be grateful for any tips. The web page is a fairly primitive one so far, with no buttons to push and no shopping cart. As we will be selling only one product it seems that this should do the trick.
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My page is set up with freewebs software; it's user-friendly enough that even I can figure it out. Once you register, you can pick a skin, or template, that suits the look you're going for, and all the features (add graphics, add links, pushbuttons) are easy to insert.

I don't know if you can use freewebs if you already own a domain name; they probably want you to buy it through them, so they can make their money that way. But it's worth looking into., register and play around. The ease of use might be worth it.
Dont worry too much about the keywords - your list looks OK.

Make sure you have a good accurate short page description, which search engines may show when searches find your page. It should contain the most likely things people will search for, but also make sense.
Here is an example from my page (I hope my html code displays undecoded):

<meta name="description" content="Organisation of Measurement of Road Running Races in the UK, with info for runners, race organisers, and course measurers. The on line tutorial is useful for training measurers around the world">

Also choose a helpful title. For my site:
<title>UK Road Running Race Course Measurement</title>

You should do this for each page, but the most important one to get right is your main index page which should give the most important info, and then have all the links.

I would offer to do it for you and host it for free, but I know you will have some fun doing it yourself and I would not want to spoil that. Just get back to me if you have problems, and I will probably be able to solve them with basic html, since you will surely be able to upload html coded pages to the host. (You need nothing more than notepad to edit them. If you have an uploaded page which is wrong, give me the link and I will email you a fixed copy for you to upload.

BTW I have refrained from posting on the main new Jones counter thread which seems to have been drifting terribly off topic, but I did want to say that I want to purchase at least one from your first prototype run and carry out testing here in UK. We have an upcoming meeting where it would be great to report my own user experience as well as referring to all the good work being done over there. Just tell me how much money to send.

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