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Unfortunately my supplier raised the cost of the Veeder-Root counter by 30% instead of the typical 3% yearly increase. This component is the only high-speed revolution counter I've been able to find since starting the business, and represents 75% of the material cost of producing the JR. If a suitably high quality counter could be obtained at a lesser cost I would use it, however the allowable rotation speed on the cheaper counters would limit the riding speed to about 4mph.

Effective around June 1st, I will need to raise my prices by approximately 15%-20% to cover the manufacturing cost increase. This estimate is based on having approximately 2 months supply of the counters in-stock. Once the existing stock is sold, or June 1, new counter pricing will be as follows:

6-digit counters - $160
5-digit counters - $145

I regret having to raise the prices, however I am committed to producing the highest-quality measuring device I can, and that locks me in to this particular revolution counter. Furthermore, Danaher (Veeder-Root's parent company) only allows me to purchase these units from one supplier. If anyone knows of a suitable replacement for either the counter, or the supplier, I would like to hear from you.

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I dug out Clain's accounting books and found that in June 1979 he bought 100 counters from Veeder-Root @ $5.56 and in March 79 he bought another 100 @ $5.96. I can't find the record but I think in the early days he was paying $3.95 per counter. He was charging $12 a counter in 1978 and $14 a counter in 1979. These figures approximately matched his age at the time.

Obviously, we were not very good business men. We should have been charging more. At the time he was selling 30 to 40 a month.

Shortly after Clain sold the business to the NYRRC, the price of the counters was about $20.

Tom, thanks so much for keeping the counters available and solving the gear problem.


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