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Community Metrics

This report was prepared specifically for:Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Statistics reported for period of: January 1-31, 2006

Road Course Measurement Bulletin Board

Registered Members: 136
New Members: 3
Total Hours Usage: 34


Top 5 Posters
Pete Riegel 43
Neville 11
Gene Newman 6
Kevin P. Lucas 5
Stu Riegel 5

Top 5 Topic Starters
Pete Riegel 20
Neville 4
Gene Newman 3
Stu Riegel 1
Fred Finke 1

Total Page Views: 12298
Avg. Page Views/Day: 409
New Topics: 34
Active User Count: 18

5 Most Active Topics
History of a Pneumatic Tire by Pete Riegel (with 15 posts and 255 page views)

Parking Lot Road Courses by Pete Riegel (with 13 posts and 215 page views)

Acceptance Testing of Electronic Counters by Pete Riegel (with 5 posts and 161 page views)

REVISED: JONES/OERTH COUNTER DESIGN CHANGE AND PRICE INCREASE by Pete Riegel (with 5 posts and 159 page views)

New USATF Registrar by Stu Riegel (with 5 posts and 127 page views)
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