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Dear Tom,

In brief response to your note below:

It is not the USATF certificate nor the online listing that determines whether a course is certified. They both simply state that the course was once certified.

It is the official, original certification map that is the determining document. It's quite simple - if the course route that is run exactly matches the one shown on the original course map, the course is certified. If, as you say below, the race (course?) is "somewhat altered" the certification is void.

This is of interest to measurers and I am going to post in on the Course Measurement Bulletin Board. You can see it at:

Best regards, Pete

In a message dated 5/8/2012 4:42:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Tom writes:


Suppose a certified course course call "XYZ 11 K" is used by a race
of the same name.

Suppose a few years later, the race is somewhat altered, but still
quite similar.

The change more than enough so that the new course should not be considered certified.

Does USATF still list the "XYZ 11 K" as a certified course?

I see reasons for both yes and no.
And I'll likely have a follow-up question or two.

Many thanks,

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