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Hi there,
May I introduce myself, I am the statistician of the German Ultramarathon Federation (DUV).
As such I compile a ultra marathon results database ranking lists for various distances, which can also be filtered to display rankings of a certain country.
Currently there are more than 1150 complete result lists of worldwide ultra events in the years 2005-2008.

I have a question regarding the record eligibilty of the course in Caumsett State Historic Park, Huntington, N.Y.
I could not find this course in the list of certifed courses, but maybe I was looking wrong.
Can I include the results of this race in the rankings?
Thanks for your support.
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There are two USATF certified 50 km courses in Caumsett Park, Lloyd Neck, Long Island, New York. They are both record-eligible.

One is identified as NY06001AM. This was measured first. It has, in addition to a big loop, a diversion to a small loop. One complete loop is 4.24 km.

The second is identified as NY06006JG. This one was measured later as an auxiliary course. This course eliminates the additional small loop. Loop length is 3.78 km.

Maps of both courses may be found using the USATF course search engine at:

I have no knowledge of which course, if either, was used for the events of interest. This information would have to come from the race organizers.

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