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Replaced Defined

In the past, the word replace on the certificate has had two different meanings. For some, it implies the course is unusable (e.g. the roads have changed or no longer exist). For others, it meant a race has changed their course.
Now, after comments and discussions with RRTC certifiers, at the 2012 annual meeting, the RRTC decided to remove the term “replace” from our Certificate. The RRTC felt the only time to use “replace” is if a course is no longer useable.

These are two new forms for measurers. They are as follows:
a. Application for Certification of a Road Course
b. Bicycle Calibration Data Sheet

Here is the link for the forms you need to send to a Regional Certifier:

The changes to Application for Certification of a Road Course were made to questions 5 (race contact) and 6 (replaced explained). Previously, question 27 listed 14 different surfaces. The question was simplified and there are only the 5 surface types that we display on Certificates.

One other change in the Application packet: In the bottommost paragraph on the front page of the packet (regarding application processing fees):We added a note saying there's no fee for certifying a calibration course.

On the BICYCLE CALIBRATION DATA SHEET: We added the following text in a box: The spread shouldn’t exceed 2 to 3 counts for riding each direction of the calibration course.
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Gene I need a little help on question #27 Type of surface. If your course includes any unpaved sections, please attach a detail of the method(s) used to measure such sections. Maybe you can give me an example. Say you measure the towpath which is a fine crushed gravel path. What would you list? Right now I would have to just say I measure the towpath just like I would the road. This isn't really detail though.

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