The link to the "Search our database of known course measurers" on the USATF website (this page directs to the LEARNING site for

Anyone here know to report this to to get it fixed? Race directors are going to have a hard time getting in touch with Ima Certifier, Ima FS, and Ima Measurer.

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There's a few things, including what you pointed out, that are incorrect on the new version of the USATF website. We are making a list and will request USATF IT make the changes.

The good news is the link to the certified course search is now correct on the USATF website!

FYI, the same mistake is repeated on this page -

Speaking of that page, there continues to be "measurers" listed on the site that don't have a single course listed in the database and therefore do not meet the criteria on the "Listed Measurer Standards" page. I know they are there because they registered for an account and chose to make their information public, but I'll press the issue once more and say that I think the site needs to not allow these individuals to be listed. At a minimum, listed measurers ought to have one course in the database, thus proving they meet USATF's listed measurer standards. I'm not a web developer, but surely this can be done be easily done by editing the database query.

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